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Customised Piezoceramic Components for Critical Medical Systems

Piezoceramics are used to convert mechanical inputs, such as pressure and acceleration, into electrical outputs or, conversely, to convert electrical signals into mechanical movement or vibration

With three production sites – two in the UK and one in Germany – for piezoceramic components, sensors and transducers, CeramTec is well equipped to provide excellent products for medical applications.

With a selection of more than 20 different piezo material formulations, we are able to offer customer specific solutions for every application. Our metallisation solutions include thick film processes using Ag, evaporation and plating using Ni, Ni/Au, Ni/Cr/Sn.

Dimensional capabilities reach from sub 1 mm to in excess of 250 mm diameter.

We offer high volume, highly automated production with integrated 100 % In-Line inspection as well as craftsmanship production of special components with complex shapes in low volumes.

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Amir R. Mirza, Ph.D., Sales Director of CeramTec UK Ltd. describes in his article "Reducing Time to Market for Critical Medical Ultrasonic Sensors & Transducers" the latest possibilities in medical technology made possible by modern ultrasonic technology.


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