The ZERAMEX® XT - An Ideal Solution

The ZERAMEX® XT is an established ceramic implant system, CE-marked and FDA cleared, which allows you to enter one of the fastest growing dental segments immediately. You can expand your dental implant portfolio using our white label offer, and benefit from more than 10 years of clinical experience in two-piece ceramic implants1.

ZERAMEX® is synonymous with metal-free ceramic implants with a natural looking tooth-like color.

ZERAMEX® implants are suitable for most well-established therapeutic concepts with predictable long-term success. 

Implant Sizes

The ZERAMEX® XT ceramic implant offers three different platforms (SB / RB / WB) in lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm. The “Small Base” implant with its reduced diameter of 3.5 mm is particularly suitable for small gaps in the anterior region. Furthermore, a sophisticated digital workflow enables patient-specific restorations that are beneficial in the visible so-called aesthetic area.

The ZERAMEX® XT ceramic implant is a tissue level implant and can be placed 0.6 mm above bone crest or up to 1.6 mm supracrestally. The cylindrical-conical design of the implant thread was developed with high primary stability in mind. The grooves on the implant tip aim to eliminate bone material so that the implant can be inserted more easily.


The ZERAMEX® XT ceramic implant is manufactured from Alumina Toughened Zirconia (ATZ) blanks. No thermal process (sintering) or post-processing takes place after the final shaping of the outer and inner geometry of the implant. This manufacturing process is very complex, requires a great deal of experience and expertise and enables high shaping accuracy and precision in the manufacture of the implant.

Implant Surface

All ZERAMEX® implants are equipped with the ZERAFIL™ surface, for which a sandblasting and acid etching technique specifically developed for ceramic materials is used. This proprietary process is designed to support unimpeded osseointegration.

ZERAMEX® XT Connection

«Bolt-In-Tube» internal connection

The four cross-shaped retentive elements are the essential tools to place the implant into its final position and act as anti-rotational device. In addition, the unique internal connection enables repeated correct positioning of the abutment and flexible prosthetic restoration.

Four tips for even more precision

The special geometry with the four tips enables fast and easy insertion and alignment of the abutments. All ZERAMEX® abutments are provided with the four tips with one exception: the ZERABASE “unengaged” version: To allow compensation of divergences and avoid stress when splinting multiple implants, e.g., by restoring with bridgework, this abutment type shows no retention tips.

VICARBO® Technology

The key component is the VICARBO® screw made of carbon-fiber-reinforced high-tech PEEK polymer. The PEEK matrix of the VICARBO® screw should deform elastically. This reduces the gap between the inner geometry and the screw as much as possible with the goal to minimize colonization and accumulation of bacteria.

The VICARBO® Screw

The VICARBO® screw works like a bolt which anchors the abutment in the implant. The elastic carbon fiber reinforced high performance PEEK screw combined with the two-piece ZERAMEX® XT design allows for high prosthetic flexibility2.

The ceramic in combination with the carbon fiber-reinforced high-performance PEEK polymer screw enables the absorption of compressive forces by the ceramic, while the VICARBO® screw counteracts the tensile forces.

ZERAMEX® XT Prosthetics

The range of metal-free prosthetic options is encompassing and addresses aesthetics as well as functionality. The ZERAMEX® XT implant, in combination with its various prosthetic parts is suitable for nearly every situation.

Soft Tissue Management

The ZERAMEX® healing cap, gingiva former and temporary abutment help to achieve the desired shape of the peri-implant soft tissue after the healing phase.

The gingiva formers are available in two heights (3 mm/4 mm). The secondary temporary abutment made of PEEK allows individual temporary restoration.

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Restoration - Standard

The ZERAMEX® XT implant system is used for the following indications:

  • Individual tooth restorations
  • Bridge restoration using several implants
  • Bar restoration using several implants
  • Removable restoration in combination with ZERAMEX Docklocs® abutments
  • Telescopic restorations

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Restoration - adhesive base

Monolithic crowns and bridges can be made of commonly used prosthetic materials, e.g., zirconia, with different translucencies and tensile strengths to meet the needs of the clinical situation.

The ZERABASE abutments and the mature digital workflow support the fabrication of a patient-individual restoration, in order to create aesthetically compelling, 100% metal-free prosthetic rehabilitations.

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Restoration - Docklocs®

ZERAMEX Docklocs® is a pre-finished connection system to secure removable restorations based on a snap connection.

ZERAMEX Docklocs® abutments are available in three sizes (2 mm/3 mm/4 mm) and fit to all platforms (SB/RB/WB).

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1. Jank S et al., Success Rate of Two-Piece Zirconia Implants: A Retrospective Statistical Analysis. Implant Dent. 2016 Feb 1.

2. Invibio T-PB-PUR-E-0031-A (3/2013).


Your White Label Solution

  • Clinically successful ceramic implant system
  • CE marked and FDA cleared
  • Two-piece, reversible screw connection
  • 100% metal-free

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