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After costly product development and regulatory activities come product roll out, production ramp-up and investment recuperation. As the product life cycle continually gets shorter, the window of opportunity for a successful product launch shortens while the complexity increases.

Market entry challenges for a new device can include generating clinical evidence and proof of cost-effectiveness. Ideally, this information is communicated through key opinion leaders by sharing their clinical experience.

In this context, a mutually beneficial relationship with a supplier who can enhance your launch & marketing activities with global brand power will positively impact your sales growth.

Recognized Global Brands

Business partners can benefit from CeramTec’s portfolio of highly recognized global brands, which have the power to enhance market visibility and drive user perception. To reinforce the brand strength, CeramTec has identified biocompatibility and immunological response to ceramics as a fundamental competitive advantage.

We offer business partners a wide range of marketing services to facilitate and accelerate successful launches and reinforce brand visibility. Our services include the use of premium brands, clinical benefit assessments, dedicated scientific affairs, and market access expertise.

We offer further layers of services beyond the launch, such as ongoing education and literature updates for internal users and the end-customer.

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Marketing at a Glance

  • Globally recognized premium branding developed over decades, supported by a wealth of data and broad perception
  • A strong global presence across key media channels for collaboration and leverage
  • Evidence-based and up-to-date clinical and scientific input for Global Value Dossiers, ensured through continuous exchange with our international scientific and registry network
  • Worldwide Co-marketing support provided to clients, enabled by our global commercial and education network
  • Professional marketing competence in medical and dental devices, enabled by an experienced international marketing and market access team

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Director Marketing ServicesFlorence Petkow
CompanyCeramTec GmbH